Hi! I’m Abbie and I love reading and photography. I started an Instagram for books at the beginning of 2016 and it inspired me to also make a blog for reading! My favorite genre is YA Fantasy. I especially love fairytale retellings! My favorite book series are Harry Potter and The Lunar Chronicles.
I’m really bad at replying to comments, sorry! If I just like your comment and don’t reply, I wasn’t ignoring you, I’m either too busy to reply, or I just don’t know what to say! 😬🙈

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My Rating System:

5 stars – LOVED IT! Highly recommend, read this ASAP!

4 stars – Very good! Would recommend. I might of had a small issue with something like the character development, plot, pacing, etc…….

3 stars – Average. I liked it, but also didn’t like some parts. It didn’t wow me.

2 stars – Below average. I didn’t like it, and wouldn’t recommend it. Some parts may have been okay.

1 star – HATED IT! Definitely would not recommend.